Specialty & Commercial Permits

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S3 continues to extend the reach of our state government platform for agencies and departments across the continent. Through these efforts, S3 revolutionizes how state and provincial agencies administer, sell, regulate, access, report and enforce critical activities such as trapping, marine fisheries activities, commercial fishing, falconry, digging, as well as private and commercial burns across the entire state.

S3 also provides strategic, conservation, and forestry recovery products and services (including equipment, gear, contracting services) to aid the departments in ongoing forest recovery efforts in the aftermath of unregulated forest fires, disease and/or other unintended forest depleting events.

Specialty & Commercial Permit Features

Permit Purchasing Online or In Person

Integrated Content Management System (CMS)

Permit Development & Administration

Online Permit Payment & Processing

Agent & User Management

Detailed Buyer Profiles & Purchase History

Daily Fire Class Updates (Regionally or Statewide)

Unparalleled Performance & Security

GIS Mapping of Current & Future Permit Locations

Inventory & Asset Management

Accounting, Cash Management, & Audit Functions

Enforcement Officer Route Recommendations

Automated Permit Availability

Environmental & Conservation Services

Interactive Maps & Visual Tracking Features

Extensive Administrative Controls

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