Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3) provides State agencies a full suite of licensing and permitting solutions with fully integrated and admin controlled retail “brick and mortar” and Web / SaaS-based online sales capabilities. From the most robust administrative capabilities to the first and most extensive data warehouse and reporting features in the industry, S3 continues to set and reset the bar regarding new and innovative features that redefine the way in which state agencies are able to develop, implement, administer, and extend licensing and permitting solutions core to their relationships with all resident and nonresident customers.


  • Big/Small Game, Fishing, Trapping & Specialty Items
  • State Agency & Tribal Solution Options
  • Retail, Online, Mobile and Self-Service
  • Big Game Applications & Draw Solutions
  • Controlled Hunts
  • Agent Applications


  • SaaS-Based Retail POS & Online Sales
  • Agency Product Controls & Management
  • Accounting, Cash Management, & Audit
  • Extensive Administrative & Back Office Controls
  • System-Wide Content Management System (CMS)
  • Unparalleled Performance & Security
  • Media, Marketing, Direct-to-Consumer Program)
  • Robust Data Warehouse & Reporting
  • In-Line Messaging (Admin to POS / Multi-POS)
  • Full Customer & Agent Administrative Controls
  • Mobile & Kiosk Solutions Integration
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Law Enforcement Data Access (Remote & Local)
  • Media, Marketing, Direct-to-Consumer Programs, etc
  • Fishing

    Licensing solutions

  • Hunting

    Licensing Solutions

  • Motorize Watercraft

    Licensing solutions

  • Localization

    Licensing Solutions