S3 Contributes to 2023 National R3 Symposium

S3 Contributes as Sponsors and Thought Leaders to the 2023 National R3 Symposium 

[Nashville, TN] – This week, Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3), the leading provider of technology solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, will attend the 2023 National R3 Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as both sponsors and invited speakers for the event.

Since the early 2010s, R3 – or the focus on recruiting, retaining, and reactivating outdoor participants – has grown into a national movement. Now, this annual event is the culminating point to focus on the newest research and opportunities to keep people recreating outdoors.

As R3 has evolved, so has S3’s proprietary technology designed to empower state fish and wildlife agencies to manage their R3 strategies and evaluate the results of their campaigns and plans. “A few years ago, we stepped back and looked at what the R3 community needed from a technology standpoint to manage and fully leverage their R3 efforts. We identified a few key priorities and started developing,” commented Chris Willard, Chief Customer Officer for S3.

“Today, S3’s offering – with an intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) system, custom campaigns, and dashboard analytics – is the product we only dreamed about a decade ago,” Willard continued. “We’ve learned quite a bit through this process, and as we head to New Mexico, we intend to share our lessons learned on building an ‘R3-centric’ CRM with the community and help rising R3 leaders identify the key elements they should consider when identifying their own CRM for their needs.”

Willard and S3’s data scientist, Emily Appicelli, will present on the Data and Technology panel on Tuesday afternoon during the event. Their presentation will highlight key elements which a true CRM system should offer, including:

– the ability to house data of all current and prospective customers in one place;
– the ability to gain valuable insights by leveraging a deep understanding of customer behavior and trends; and,
– the ability to understand the effectiveness of campaigns and programs in real time, allowing the ability to refine and optimize R3 strategies.

“Data is power, and as a data scientist, I’ve worked closely with our clients to learn what data and analytics they need for the day-to-day management of their operations,” commented Appicelli. “I know that we are just at the beginning of the next evolution of evaluation and data access, and I am excited to be on the ground sharing our ideas and collaborating with other R3 professionals to continue to move these key concepts forward.”

S3 is proud to sponsor the 2023 National R3 Symposium, and staff will be onsite interacting with professionals and collaborating to help advance the R3 Community forward. To further serve the conservation community and deliver continued innovation and expanded value, S3 recently entered into an agreement to be acquired by PayIt. Learn more about this acquisition and a number of product offerings by visiting www.s3gov.com.

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