In The News: S3 Awarded Contract with Minnesota DNR

Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3) Awarded Contract with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 

S3’s CORE Solution to Revolutionize Minnesota DNR’s Electronic License Sales System 

[Nashville, TN] – Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3), the leading provider of technology solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, announced today a significant new contract award with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR). The contract was awarded to revolutionize the electronic license sales (ELS) system that handles fishing and hunting license sales, volunteer and event management, and recreational vehicle titling and registrations with S3’s Conservation Outdoor Recreation Engagement (CORE) Licensing and Permitting Platform. 

Annually, the system processes over 3.1 million hunting and fishing license sales transactions and supports over 1,500 license sales agents throughout the state, as well as over 500,000 vehicle transactions and 30,000 event registrations each year. The new system is expected to go live in early 2025. 

S3 will implement its best-in-market CORE Solution, the most secure, reliable, scalable, and performant system on the market today. CORE provides a single, agency-wide solution that drives efficiency for state agency staff while delivering a streamlined, enjoyable customer experience to the outdoor enthusiasts of Minnesota. It is accompanied by the industry’s first and only true, state-of-the-art CRM solution, which allows state agencies to engage their customers in a modern, fully automated, and personalized manner. 

“We are thrilled to partner with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to bring our innovative technology solutions to their electronic license sales system,” said Chris Willard, Chief Customer Officer of Sovereign Sportsman Solutions. “Our CORE Solution will revolutionize the way MN DNR interacts with its customers and will provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for outdoor enthusiasts throughout the state. We are confident that our expertise and passion for the outdoors will help MN DNR achieve its mission of promoting and conserving Minnesota’s natural resources.” 

Sovereign Sportsman Solutions is a leading provider of technology solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. Millions of consumers throughout North America use their technology to purchase hunting and fishing licenses, volunteer and attend events, license boats, and ATVs, and so much more. 

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Chris Willard 

Chief Customer Officer 

Sovereign Sportsman Solutions 

[email protected] 


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