In the News: The Michigan DNR Hunt Fish Mobile App

The Michigan DNR Hunt Fish mobile app, developed by Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3) has been making its way around the news cycle lately.

Launching just prior to the 2022 Michigan Deer season, the app has already proven itself instrumental in collecting data and managing the state’s wildlife resources while making it easier for people to enjoy outdoor recreation opportunities. The app, designed for hunters and anglers in Michigan, allows for quick and easy reporting of deer harvests and other hunting and fishing activities with a modern customer experience. It also provides valuable information to the DNR that is crucial for managing hunting and fishing regulations, conservation efforts, and fulfilling their responsibilities to their constituents.

Recently, the app’s impact was highlighted in an article by Bridge Michigan, which reported that over 252,000 deer were harvested during the firearms hunting season in Michigan, in part due to the app’s streamlined reporting process. The article also noted that the app’s implementation was instrumental in navigating the new rules and regulations to ensure the sustainability of the deer population and increase hunter satisfaction in the state.

The Michigan DNR Hunt Fish app is free to download and is a valuable resource for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts in Michigan that allows them to;

  • Quickly purchase hunting and fishing licenses and trail permits.
  • Easily report your deer or fish harvests.
  • Reliably access regulations and download guides and digests (and allows customers to keep them handy even when they don’t have cell phone coverage).
  • View their license history and point and chance balances for draws.
  • Interact with multiple map layers featuring shooting ranges and boat launches, public access, and more.
  • Stay up to date with timely notifications from the DNR.

Despite some initial controversy surrounding the app [and new legislation] requiring hunters to report where they harvested their deer, it has proven to be a powerful and customer-centric conservation tool in today’s digital environment. The app’s ability to quickly and easily collect data while prioritizing data security has greatly improved the Michigan DNR’s efforts to manage the state’s wildlife resources for the benefit of its constituents. The app’s success is a testament to S3 and the Michigan DNR’s dedication to preserving and protecting the state’s natural resources through cutting-edge, reliable, and safe technology.

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