Missouri Advances Outdoor Industry with Powerful R3 Marketing Tool

“Young people are too connected to their devices to be interested in outdoor activities” 

“Government technology is always 10 years behind”

Relevant and effective marketing requires high dollar marketing agencies” 

“I need a developer in order to use my data” 

“We don’t have the time or tools we need to deliver the customer experience we want to be able to deliver”

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is blowing up all of these assumptions with one shot, through its implementation of one of the most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools the outdoor industry has ever seen. 

Meet S3’s new CRM, the gamechanging tool the R3 community needed and deserved. 

MDC’s implementation of this true CRM solution has given the agency previously unavailable access to their data and the power to communicate with everyone from veteran hunters and anglers to those who are ready to kick the tires on the idea of getting outdoors. The MDC CRM is fully integrated with the agency’s licensing and events database which allows it to not only achieve a 360degree customer profile but to take pertinent action and strengthen its relationships with its customers. All in one place.  

Within the first seven days of launch, MDC was able to attribute over $280,000 in license sales directly to the implementation of their CRMThis isn’t just parallel data either, because with this platform MDC is able to track hard and soft attribution to specific marketing efforts and campaign assets.  

Nathan Bess, MDC’s Permit Services & Revenue Manager, said this about MDC’s CRM: “We are excited to broaden our partnership with Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3) even further in being able to maintain relevant and meaningful relationships with those who enjoy Missouri’s outdoor resources. The successful launch of S3’s marketing platform will not only allow us to better understand and engage with those we serve in a way that respects their unique journey both in their outdoor experiences and with our Department, but also provides us with a streamlined and easy-to-use reporting tool to monitor our successes.”   

In their first month the MDC team realized the power of automated audience segmentation, dynamic content and well-designed customer journey engagement paths across their Angler Renewal, Spring Turkey Renewal and Lapsed Turkey Hunting Campaigns with the following statistics: 

Marketing Statistics

Thrilled by S3’s ability to empower MDC with the technology and training to engage more people in their outdoor missionS3’s Lincoln, Nebraskabased Vice President of Marketing and Customer Engagement Eric Dinger said, “Building Missouri’s CRM has been a labor of love. Our team members are deeply passionate about conservation, so to see this platform perform as we knew it could is rewarding. Thousands of people in Missouri will have a better day outdoors because of this work.” 

The system provides a comprehensive and powerful onestop shop that can be effectively managed by any R3-minded Agency professional. Without a marketing agency. Without a computer science degree. Without having to wait on a busy graphic designer. Without having to manage a handful of different technologies. CORE CRM addresses the following problems most government agencies have:   

  • Eliminating the need for multipleplatform communication management 
  • Utilization of measurement and tracking tools for business goals and KPIs 
  • Realizing real-time views of outdoor participation, revenue, and marketing ROI that help create increased understanding and customer engagement  
  • Access to targeted marketing and audience segmentation intelligence 
  • Developing automated engagement programs based on logic-driven customer behavior analysis  
  • Creating, understanding and nurturing Net New customers 
  • Lack of access to 360degree customer records, and comprehensive customer journey and lifecycle management 
  • Gaining availability to advanced audience segmentation and dynamic content  (making sure the right content reaches the right person)  
  • Creation of effective, personalized, visually appealing and easy-to-build email templates, landing pages and marketing content  
  • Built-in access to meaningful and easy-to-read data dashboards that can drive informed business and marketing decisions 
  • Access to indepth reporting functionality that doesn’t require a developer to create  easy-to-navigate custom/ad-hoc reporting tools 
  • Utilization of tracking links and redirects with automated completion actions allowing the ability to measure and follow up with customers on social media or other platforms  
  • Lack of tools that offer automated and responsive customer journey management based on customer interaction 
  • Improving securitybusiness ruladherencemarketing consent and list health 
  • Better web analytics including traffic measurement, response and testing 
  • Finding ways to create and give time back to your team through automations 

While campaigns and customer journeys will continue to evolve through optimization, the MDC now has the tool they need to meet their ambitious goals by developing meaningful, supportive, and profitable customer relationships that not only drive revenue, participation and ROI – but relevancy with their constituents. 

About Sovereign Sportsman Solutions 

S3 partners with fish, wildlife, campgrounds, and parks agencies to build the software they need to make it easier and more fun for their customers to enjoy the outdoors. Throughout North America, millions of consumers use our technology to purchase their hunting and fishing licenses, make campground reservations, buy a park entry permit, license their boat or ATV, and more. And we’re just getting started. To learn more, visit www.s3gov.com. 


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