S3 Introduces “Marketing Platform” a True CRM and Conservation Multiplier

S3 has introduced a fully-integrated, license system-agnostic, marketing automation, and customer engagement platform that leverages a true Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (no workarounds or shortcuts to be found). It integrates a fully immersive reporting system with a suite of applications that enable a broad spectrum of deep data analysis, automated customer outreach, engagement tools, and comprehensive campaign management.

“Putting these tools into the hands of conservation agencies and their dedicated personnel is something that we are immensely humbled and proud to do. Not only does this platform bring to life functionality and insight to state agencies that have been enjoyed by other industries, but it makes everyone’s lives easier. Driving business, revenue, and enhanced customer experiences to grow the outdoors while automating various aspects and workloads that frees up agency personnel to make bigger impacts in the outdoors.”

S3 has dedicated the past few years and an enormous amount of human and financial capital to create our new Salesforce-based S3 Marketing Platform and to build “Engage Team”. Put the information your marketing team needs in their hands with an easy to use system with drag and drop functionality and a “what you see is what you get” interface. Easily manage what data different teammates have access to and unleash your marketing potential.

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