S3 Awarded “Conservation Innovation Award” in Missouri

“The Conservation Innovation Award was presented to Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3) for its commitment to innovation, including improving the “business of conservation” through support of customer service, continuous improvement, and/or employee development initiatives.

Sovereign Sportsman Solutions has been a valued and collaborative partner with MDC since 2015 when it began providing sale and distribution of sport and commercial wildlife permits for the department. Its professional team and industry leading service-delivery methods have ensured the continued development of MDC’s innovative permit products and services to meet both customer-focused initiatives and agency-related regulatory requirements.

The virtual awards ceremony was part of a virtual conference hosted by MDC Oct. 13 and 14  with more than 475 partner participants who have an interest in conserving Missouri’s  fish, forest, and wildlife resources. Themed “A New Era of Conservation: Exploring our Past, Present, and Future,” the virtual conference included nationally recognized speakers, a variety of workshops, and networking opportunities.”


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