Sovereign Sportsman Solutions Selected to Build the Next Generation Volunteer and Event Management System for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sovereign Sportsman Solutions  is pleased to announce that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (“ODFW”) has awarded the company a multi-year contract to build and support a new volunteer and event management system.

“Sovereign’s Volunteer and Event Management System will make it easier for the public to find and sign up for classes, workshops, and volunteer opportunities,” commented Curt Melcher, ODFW director.

“It will also make it easier for ODFW to use the significant contributions of our volunteers as an in-kind match for many of our federal Sportfish and Wildlife Restoration funded grant projects, an important component of Oregon’s conservation funding model,” Melcher said.

This new system is unlike any other in the outdoor recreation market available today according to Bill Creighton, Sovereign’s chief marketing officer.

“Sovereign’s Salesforce-based system combines an automated, thorough, and meticulous workflow for volunteer and event management administration, while offering the public an extremely intuitive interface and exceptional user experience as they seek to participate in all that ODFW has to offer,” Creighton said.

“We know that state fish and wildlife agencies depend on an accurate, reportable, and auditable process to capture and account for in-kind match of volunteer hours, and that millions of critical match dollars are lost each year due to inefficient systems and processes, “Creighton continued.

Sovereign’s new Volunteer and Event Management System has been designed to help state and federal agencies overcome these challenges on the backend while ensuring that their customers find great outdoor recreational experiences and their volunteers have a frictionless way to contribute their time, talent, and treasure.


About Sovereign Sportsman Solutions ( Sovereign is a leading provider of business services and technology platforms for the outdoor recreation industry.

We partner with state government agencies, tribal councils, and Canadian provincial governments across North America to provide transaction-based licensing, permitting, vehicle registration, campground reservation, and mobile solutions. Sovereign works with our partners to leverage a network of more than 5,600 retail sales agents, including Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Academy Sports, and thousands of other value-added industry leaders.

Our government and industry partners trust us to provide exceptional online sales platforms and industry-dedicated support operations, along with marketing and client engagement capabilities designed to grow revenue and relevancy well into the future.

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