Sovereign Sportsman Solutions Streamlines Human Resources with New Century II Partnership

NASHVILLE, Tenn— Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (“Sovereign”) announces its partnership with Century II for human resource functions. Century II brings more than 30 years of experience and will be assisting Sovereign with employee payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, training, administration, compliance and consulting.

“We are incredibly pleased to be working with Century II and their team of HR experts as they are a strong business with values and a mission very similar to our own,” Sovereign’s EVP and CFO Rob Walker said. “With our recent growth and with all our planned expansion, we wanted to enhance the benefits and services available to our employees and independent contractors.”

About Sovereign Sportsman Solutions: Sovereign Sportsman Solutions is a leading provider of technology, marketing and support services to state, federal and tribal agencies most notably in the areas of hunt and fish licensing and permitting; campground and parks management; forests and lands burn permits; online recreational education and certification solutions; and recreational vehicle registration, titling and renewals. Additional information is available at In addition, Sovereign has sister companies in TV production and international outfitting.

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