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What We Do

Outreach & Engagement
S3's marketing platform and engagement team help state agencies sell more hunting and fishing licenses, while increasing engagement with customers, and relevancy with the general public. No team in the industry has more experience promoting and advocating for the outdoor way of life.
Hunting & Fishing Licenses
S3's hunt/fish licensing system is utilized by state agencies throughout the United States and Canada to make it easier than ever to meet the demands of todays busy consumers. Team members from S3 have been integral to the delivery of over 30 hunting and fishing licensing systems, and last year S3 partners sold over 17 million licenses.
Volunteer & Event Management
Volunteers are essential to fish and wildlife agencies; our system makes their efforts count. By tracking volunteer time, integrating events data, and making the whole process easier than ever, S3 is helping state agencies increase match dollars and mission fulfillment.

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Who We Are

S3 exists to make it easier and more fun to gain access, spend time in, and more fully enjoy the outdoors by empowering the state fish and wildlife agencies that help make it happen.

Our software solutions not only create efficiencies, but strengthen families, embolden individuals, and inspire new generations of people to value and contribute to conservation.